T2 Pomegranate and Berry Jelly


I am still on the hunt for healthy desserts, and I have so many beautiful moulds and tins that I thought jelly was a good option. You could use any fruit/berry tea that you like but it needs to be pretty strong for the flavour to come through.

Jelly 1

1 litre of fruit/berry tea. I used T2 Tea Pumping Pomegranate. Brew according to the instructions for a strong flavour
2 cups of fresh mixed berries
A few drops of strawberry essence
4 gold gelatin leaves
Fresh berries and cream to serve

Jelly 2

Brew the tea according to instructions, spray or wipe the inside of a jelly mould with a neutral oil (I use canola)
Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water for around 5 minutes. Chop up the fresh berries and put in the bottom of the mould. Squeeze the water out of the gelatin leaves and stir through the hot tea until combined. Pour over the fruit in the mould and leave to set until firm (I left mine over night)
When you are ready to serve, dunk the mould in hot water for 5 seconds. Serve with fresh berries and cream

Jelly 3


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