My Addiction to choc-berry cakes


I have been making a lot of choc-berry combination cakes at the moment. I think the two just go beautifully together. I think the big key is an excellent chocolate cake recipe, and further to that good ingredients.

The Chocolate cake I use is a chocolate sponge from Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell, and the cocoa I use is The quality of the cocoa is so important in chocolate cakes, so this one is premium dutch.

In all my recipes I have used the chocolate cake above, and then chose the tin I wanted to use.

The filling is Mascarpone (two packets), 2 punnets of berries (of your choice), raspberry powder and a little Te Horo raspberry jam.

If you want to make the filling into icing, just add a little icing sugar until it is the consistancy you would like.

Top with more berries and rose petals and you have a super cute and tasty cake!











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