High Tea Club – Months of catching up to do!


I have to apologise for my terrible slackness. It has been a busy few months!

The High Tea club has been out in force, I thought I would run through them all in one blog from start to finish.

I have already written about Prohibition and Britomart Country Club, so please do read about them on my earlier posts.

Parnell Rose Gardens

This was a grab-one voucher, and overall was good value for money. The food was nice, and the tea was good. The service wasn’t spectacular.

On the day we choose, many people must have had the same plan and the room seemed very busy (and perhaps full to capacity?) there wasn’t too much room to move, and the wait staff seemed a bit rushed in their approach. Unfortunately I can’t remember what we ate here, I must get better about writing while it is fresh on the mind.

The Langham – Auckland, and Melbourne

The Langham has fast become my favourite High Tea destination. The tea selection is lovely, and you can choose several different ones to try. The dessert cart in Auckland is especially lovely, and the savouries although fairly standard are all very nice.

The layout of both the Auckland and Melbourne Langham’s is rather special, and you are always treated well. The pink themed High Tea in Melbourne had a lovely range of desserts which all looked spectacular.

Peace and Plenty Inn – Devonport

I choose Peace and Plenty Inn for my birthday as I had heard wonderful things about their High Tea. The house is a lovely old villa, and the crockery is just beautiful.

The selection of food was great, however the sandwiches had been left uncovered and were not the freshest when we arrived. They also only offered one tea (English Breakfast) and did not offer the opportunity to ask for others. We had to ask for hot water, and more tea.

The scones were fresh and lovely, and the sweet selection was extensive. The service let this location down a little. There was a large group dining at the same time as us, so we felt like we were intruding when it was time to leave and we were trying to find out where to pay.

The Wintergarden Cafe

The Wintergarden Cafe was chosen with a grab-one voucher, and unfortunately this was the only redeeming feature.

The tea selection was nice, however you did only receive one choice. The meal consisted of one sandwich, a small tart, a small scone and two small sweet tarts. This was by far the smallest selection we have received so far. The inside of the building is fairly plain, however you can wander across the road to the gardens which are beautiful.

Unfortunately we all left feeling a little indifferent about the Wintergardens and I couldn’t recommend this one.

Hectors Restaurant – Heritage

The service here again was the biggest let down, we had to ask to order our tea, ask to check where it was, and ask to see when our food was coming. The food was nice, unfortunately the sandwiches felt like they had been left uncovered and were a little stale. The sweets were nice, and the scones were fresh and soft.

The staff here seemed indifferent, and the location didn’t have the grandeur normally associated with a High Tea. The sweet selection definitely was the strong point



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