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The High Tea Club – Britomart Country Club


This is the second post I have written about our High Tea Club, the first was from Prohibition on Ponsonby Road. I must get my butt into gear and blog all the High Teas we have done, but that will be another day.

Yesterday’s choice of Britomart Country Club came about the same way as most of our Tea dates. It was on Grabone as two for one.

The food yesterday  was excellent. The sandwiches were varied with salmon, roast beef and tomato pesto. There was also a mini savoury muffin. There was one scone per person with cream and two choices of jam but I think the sweet plate really stole the show. We had chocolate and raspberry lamingtons, a rosewater meringue (which Lana and I felt tasted a little soap-like, but that is a matter of taste) A mini cheesecake, and a little red velvet cupcake. Overall, I think the food portion was definitely a favourite from the places we have been so far.

The tea selection was ok, but you were only allowed one tea per person. My choice of Peppermint leaf was definitely the best peppermint I have ever tried. The tea was served in gorgeous vintage teacups. We also decided on a few cocktails as Britomart Country Club really does make some great ones. I had an Elderflower Collins and the other girls had a Frozen Berry Collins.

The atmosphere was great, we had a heater close by as it was a horrid day and we all had a wonderful time. A special delight was watching a wedding party arrive and admiring all of the girls’ beautiful dresses. I wish I had snuck a few photos!

I would highly recommend Britomart Country Club for your next High Tea.




Glenfield Night Markets


Firstly, I’d like to say sorry for the lack of posts, I have been busy eating my way around Sydney.

Now that we are home, we decided to check out the Glenfield Night Markets for dinner tonight. They were fantastic. The markets are held every Sunday 5:30 – 10:30 in the carpark under the mall.

There is a huge range of ethnic food, some small junk stalls, a band and plenty of tables (although a lack of chairs)

As soon as we walked in Joe spotted his dinner. It was Fritz Wieners. Lana was pretty set on the Mussel Fritters and by the time I returned with taco’s, the remains of their first course was just the napkins. We all loved our choices and individually set off for seconds. Joe chose 15 fried dumplings, Lana some crepes and I bought a hungarian style bread donut (which I am consuming as I write)

It was such good value for money with all of our (two course) meals costing under $15. The range is amazing and we have decided that the market will definitely feature in our weekend plans again. I can’t work out why we took so long to try it!