Dinner time – Indian Venison Burgers


This recipe is inspired by Al Browns “Stoked” cookbook. I initially bought the book hoping to inspire my husband to branch out from his “steak and sausage” BBQ mentality. It has worked – sort of. Now I make the amazing recipes up to cooking point, and he uses his sensational BBQ skills to cook my creations to perfection.

The other great section in this book is the “Fill the cake tins” part. The ginger crunch is fantastic, and the mint slice had rave reviews last time I made it – it was quite a revelation for a BBQ cookbook.

The recipe I made tonight was Indian Burgers, I use venison instead of lamb as we can get it on special at our local New World, and we all like venison for a bit of a treat. Venison definitely needs a bit of flavour so I think the spices mix in beautifully.

Once you have made the patties, you can make the burgers however you like, below you will see my “low carb” option, Joe’s “manly” option and Lana’s “halfway in between.” Each were delicious, I hope you enjoy.

xxx Tamzin


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