The High Tea Club – Nostalgia (Prohibition)


A few months ago, 3 friends and I started our High Tea Club here in Auckland. We all love food, enjoy tea and wanted to find a way to catch up on a regular basis that was easy to organise. The group is now

6 regulars, and the majority of High Teas have been purchased using daily deal sites. This has kept the cost down (an average of less than $20 pp)

I wanted to write about todays experience at the Heritage, but I thought I would start from the start.

Nostalgia (Prohibition) – Ponsonby Road:

The setting of Prohibition is delightful. Comfortable chairs, moody lighting and beautiful crockery and cutlery. I love the theme and envy the person who was allowed to purchase such delicious items. If it was me, I am certain some would have ended up at home! The service at Prohibition is subtle and gentle, they really make you feel welcome.

The food comes first equal (with the Langham)  There are three tiers, being ciabatta buns with various fillings (we had ham and mustard, egg, and salmon, from memory) Sweet and Savory scones with jam, butter and cream and mini desserts. The desserts here are a highlight (compared to other High Teas we have attended) There is a great range and wonderful flavours

The Tea Range, is the best so far. You choose a sweet and savoury option and have choices such as China Jasmine, African Bush Vanilla Cream and Turkish Apple Nut

Overall, Prohibition is coming first equal with the Langham – Auckland

Please note, picture below are from their website as I didn’t take any myself


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