An underwhelming Entrance


My Husband and I bought our first house in Sept 2011. Number 9 is a cute little 1930’s cottage. All the hard work was done, she had been renovated beautifully, the second owners post renovation were keen gardeners and had fully landscaped the property. There is however, one major let down.

Clearly the front entrance has been an afterthought for both the initial renovators and the landscapers as the stairs are boring and impractical and the whole entrance is a bit blah. The rest of the garden edges are bricks from the original fireplace, the path is black asphalt.

My little cottage is attached, and I have added a few pics off Pinterest of ideas I am having. They range from using bricks to match the edging, or using stone or wood. There are even some coloured tiles in the mix, but I think my husband will vito that option!

Enjoy, and I would love your feedback




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  1. The hand rail would make quite a statement wouldn’t it. I have even considered more of a porch/deck along the right hand side as there is already the little roof there. A wine out the front in the afternoon sun?

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