Friday Fling – Today I love…. Te Horo Jam


Has any one tried Te Horo Jam? They are a 2012 Cuisine Artisan award winner and my absolute fav.

I use the Raspberry Jam as a filler for beautiful cakes such as white chocolate mud, or Lemon drizzle. The jam is devine in croissants, and the perfect partner for crispy vogels bread.

Treat yourself this weekend.!/pages/Te-Horo-Jam/364751884594


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  1. The cake with the red, blue and white was my engagement cake/my fiance’s leaving cake. The cake was amazing, from the lemon cake, raspberry jam, to the white chocolate cake with raspberry jam, to the decorations hand cut with love. It looked and tasted beautiful.

    • You are too kind Lana, I agree the cakes were yummy (both are great recipes) the decorating however is a work in progress. Thanks for reading our blog xxx

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